Sojeans chooses HiPay for its online payment in Europe

The online fashion store Sojeans chooses HiPay, the HiMedia Group payment entity and its HiPay Fullservice payment platform to develop its European activities.

Sojeans, the French startup company specializing in fashion online sales has been created three years ago and offers more than 250 brands on its e-shop. The company has recorded a strong growth in its business with a turnover multiplied tenfold in the first year, 40% of which originates from foreign countries. Sojeans operates in France, Germany and the United Kingdom, and wishes to expand its business to many other European markets.

Our brand is positioned on the vast fashion e-commerce market“, says Sojeans President Sébastien Mejean. “In this highly competitive market, we need HiPay as an expert in online payments in order to optimize our conversion rate and thus our sales in each country.”

Entering new markets can prove to be a risky enterprise. By relying on the Hipay solution, Sojeans benefits from the best practices in terms of online payments, namely when it comes to the complex management of international transactions“, concludes Bruno Gloaguen, European COO for HiPay.

In addition to a sound knowledge of payment practices in each country, international development requires optimized management of local payment facilities, currencies and fraud protection, as well as the possibility to automate the reconciliation of all financial flows. HiPay Fullservice provides the prêt-à-porter website with a global and simplified vision of its transactions.

To download the press release, click here. chooses HiMedia for the monetization of its digital audience in Spain

With this new agreement, HiMedia reinforces its leadership in Spain

Paris, July 22th, 17h45 – HiMedia, leading European advertising network, announces a partnership with Sensacine ( in Spain to manage its web and mobile advertising spaces., the Spanish version of, is part of Webedia Group, online Entertainment leader with over 19 million unique visitors per month in France reaching 42.8% of the French Internet audience. began to operate in Spain in 2008 and, since then, they work to make available to the Spanish user, information on movies and series: full film files, series, actors, directors, trailers, photos, data and anecdotes; the latest news on movies and series; and an information system of the national movie listing and ticketing.

Sensacine, with over 2 million unique visitors and 8 million page views, joins the Entertainment channel of HiMedia Spain, along with brands like 3DJuegos,, Yelmo Cine, Kinépolis or Sony Music among others, exceeding the 6.5 million unique users deduplicated (Source : comScore, May 2014). It also has a profile with a wide representation in both the youngest and the older audience, focusing on the 15-44 years age bracket (58% Total Internet vs. 78% Sensacine, according to comScore May 2014).

For Israel Navas Malpartida, Sensacine Marketing & Sales Director: “HiMedia is one of the international leading players for online marketing and not only for its extensive experience in the countries where HiMedia is present, but for its constant evolution in finding the best technology and advertising solutions in a constantly changing market.”

HiMedia will manage its web and mobile advertising inventories, including both standard IAB ads formats and the most creative and impactful ads formats, special operations and customized solutions, representing a wide range of ad formats under the most innovative technology.

Gonzalo Figares, HiMedia’s Country Manager in Spain, added that “the quality of the contents of Sensacine and its careful design, matches with our policy to reinforce HiMedia’s network with brands which provide more confidence for our advertisers and offer added value to their digital campaigns”. “Once again our work and effort are aimed at strengthening our network to become a leading reference for the market with the largest portfolio of exclusive websites and the most advanced advertising solutions.”  

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Europe : What is the adoption rate of mobile-friendly, responsive design site or mobile app for online retailers?

Idealo has car­ri­ed out an ana­ly­sis of on­line shops* in 6 dif­fe­rent coun­tries. The re­sults in­di­ca­te to what extent the on­line shops are op­ti­mi­sed for mo­bi­le brow­sing on smart­pho­nes and ta­blets, and show how ma­ny re­tailers ha­ve pro­du­ced a mobile app.

UK on­line re­tailers lead the way in mo­bi­le shop­ping

  • In the UK, 86% of the shops in the stu­dy of­fer a mobile-optimized site, or ha­ve a shop­ping app avail­able for down­load.
  • Fran­ce and Spain are not far be­hind the UK with 74% of shops of­fe­ring mo­bi­le shop­ping.
  • In other Eu­ro­pean coun­tries, the re­sults we­re lo­wer, with Ger­ma­ny at 68%, followed by Italy at 50% and Po­land at 46%.


A lar­ge ma­jo­ri­ty of the shops had cho­sen to de­ve­lop a mo­bi­le site, on­ly a few had im­ple­men­ted re­s­pon­sive de­sign.

  • The highest adoption rate of responsive design is in Spain where 18% of online retailers have implement responsive design.


Mobile shopping site adoption is higher than shopping apps

  • The use of mobile shopping applications is the highest in France where 56% of the shops of­fer a shop­ping app. Fran­ce was al­so the on­ly coun­try found to ha­ve top on­line shops of­fe­ring An­dro­id apps wi­thout iOS apps.
  • The UK re­tailers aren’t far be­hind with 52%.
  • The Po­lish shops are par­ti­cu­lar­ly re­ti­cent when it co­mes to app of­fe­rings, with just 10% of shops in the stu­dy crea­ting an app for their mo­bi­le cust­o­m­ers.


*For the stu­dy, the top 50 idea­lo shops from each coun­try we­re ana­ly­sed. The­se we­re de­ter­mi­ned from loo­king at which 50 of the 100 shops with the most clicks on each idea­lo site (,,,, and had the hig­hest na­tio­nal Ale­xa traf­fic ran­kings.

France: Transformation of Display advertising confirmed, with strong growth in Programmatic, Video and Mobile at the start of 2014

According to the 12th Edition of the “Observatoire de l’e-Pub” published by the SRI and the Udecam, in partnership with Pwc, digital ad spending in France grew by 3% during the first half 2014.

Display ad spending grew by 4% with strong growth in mobile, video and programmatic :

  • mobile ad spending registered a growth of 60%.
  • digital video’s success confirmed with an increase of 34%.
  • the growth of programmatic continued in H1 2014 with a growth rate of 49%.

To download the complete report, click here.

Florence Brame has been appointed as HiMedia France Managing Director

HiMedia Group, leading European digital advertising network, announces the appointment of Florence Brame, as the Managing Director of HiMedia France.

The company organized around 4 major business units – Mobvious (mobile sales house), Fullscreen (video sales house), (real time market place) and Magic (Special operations and Brand content) – is a strategic source of growth for HiMedia Group. Confronted to a digital advertising landscape constantly evolving and companies new challenges, the appointment of Florence Brame as Managing Director of the Group Advertising activity will enable HiMedia France to better anticipate the market changes and advertisers requests.

Florence Brame has developed some true expertise and sectorial affinities throughout her professional experiences that promise great perspectives of growth for HiMedia France. Previously heading the Fullscreen business unit since 2013, she will now contribute to strengthen and galvanize the current Publisher pitch offer, as well as the new solutions of the French office.

Cyril Zimmermann, President – Founder of HiMedia Group, explains the reasons of this appointment: “The objective is to hand the leadership to a real expert of Media and advertisers strategies. Her dynamism and expertise of the market will guide our sales house on a new development phase.”

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HiMedia announces a partnership with group

HiMedia, leading European advertising network, becomes the exclusive sales house of group wesites. group, created in 2000, is the leading French portal dedicated to women and their families.  Standard setter in the family landscape, it gathers several websites, such as and Géné, and reaches more than 2,1 Million Unique Users per month (Source: Médiamétrie, April 2014).

A 360° partnership

For HiMedia, the objective of this new cooperation is to maximize and optimize revenues from the digital advertising spaces of group websites, and to guide it in the monetization of its increasing inventory, thanks to its teams of experts : Mobvious (mobile sales house), Fullscreen (video sales house), (programmatic marketplace) and Magic (custom solutions).

About this cooperation, Cyril Zimmermann, CEO and Founder if HiMedia Group: “We are very happy about the confidence group shows us by giving us the exclusive monetization of its Web, Mobile and Video inventories. This partnership reflects the know-hows and positioning of HiMedia, which guides its publishers on the development of their audience thanks to its four areas of expertise (, Mobvious, Fullscreen and Magic), through a 360° strategy”. group websites join an already rich portfolio : SeLoger, Skyrock,, Auféminin, Marmiton, La Tribune, Allociné, Pure People, 750g, Terrafemina, etc. This new partnership enables HiMedia to expand its offering by proposing a quality audience to its advertisers.

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62% of people globally are now digital consumers

A new study “Consumers on Board” published by EY confirms online is increasingly a factor in the purchasing journey. Indeed, according to this report, 62% of people globally are now digital consumers.

 For more details, you can download the complete report or the executive summary.

Study: “Essential Video Game News” in France and Europe

GfK and the Sell have just published a new study “Essential Video Game News” dedicated to the French and the European video game market. This second edition aims to help explain the particularities of the video game market, how it operates and its development at a time when retail and consumption methods are rapidly evolving.

This study provides an in-deph analysis of the consumers’ behaviours : who is playing on games ? What are they playing? What are their purchasing behaviours?

Here are some key figures to remember:

• Half of the French population now play video games, compared to only 20% in 1990.

• The French video game market generated € 2.7 billion in sales in 2013.

• The practice of playing digital games is more widespread than playing physical games: 33% play online games, 13% play on mobile apps and 27% of gamers play physical games.


• The average age of players is 38 years.

• Women are as likely as men to play video games.


For more information you can download the full report in French or English.

Reworld Media chooses Mobvious for the exclusive monetization of its application TÉLÉ Magazine

Mobvious, mobile sales house of HiMedia, leading European advertising network, has been appointed by Reworld Media Factory as the exclusive sales house for the monetization of its mobile and tablet application TÉLÉ Magazine.

TÉLÉ Magazine, mobile and tablet application of Reworld Media Group, informs TV Viewers in real time of program time schedule. Integrating the latest ways of consuming Télévision, this new application offers exclusive services, such as time schedule personalization, a social dimension with Twitter and Facebook feeds, and a unique M-shopping experience without even having to exit the application.

A dual objective partnership

For Mobvious, this cooperation has two objectives: optimize revenues from mobile and tablet application digital inventories, but also guide TÉLÉ Magazine in the growth of its audience.
This partnership emphasizes on Mobvious choice to offer a complete range of services to its publishers.

Vladimir Chou, Mobvious France Director comments: “We are more than happy to close this partnership with Reworld Media Factory for the monetization of TÉLÉ Magazine mobile and tablet application. But above all, this collaboration reflects Mobvious vision in its relationships with publishers, which consists in going beyond inventory commercialization and especially supporting them in their audience development.”

Thanks to its team of experts, Mobvious was the most relevant partner to deploy 360° solutions and offer all means to achieve an efficient and performing advertising strategy.

Cécile Béziat, Associate Managing Director Reworld Media Factory adds: “Reworld Media objective consists in positioning TÉLÉ Magazine application as one of the leading applications dedicated to program time schedules. Mobvious managed to understand the challenges linked to our ambitions, and its answer creates a global and constructive partnership that goes beyond traditional publisher/sales house relationship.”

TÉLÉ Magazine joins an already consistent portfolio of mobile websites and applications: Media365, Skyrock,, SeLoger, La Tribune, BBC, Mondain, etc. This new contract enables Mobvious to expand its offer and deliver advertisers with a qualitative audience.

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France: 2014 Ad spend forecasts (by ZenithOptimedia): online (+4.3%), mobile (+42%), video (+31%)

ZenithOptimedia has just released the update of its ad spending forecasts in France and globally.

According to ZenithOptimedia, the recovery of the ad market in France should happen next year even if Internet advertising continues to grow this year. Online ad spending in France is expected to grow by 4.3% in 2014, driven by strong growth of 31% in video ad spend and 42% in mobile ad spend.

Advertising expenditures forecasts in France by media (Source: ZenithOptimedia, june 2014):

Ad spend forecasts from Magna Global and ZenithOptimedia (june 2014):

To download the press release, click here (in french).